David Alcon for Congress New Mexico, District 2


As a political activist I worked to save the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship. President George W. Bush, we appealed you to deliver evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  I shared my story to help convince The United States Senate that the Affordable Care Act makes sense.  I am the liberal you deserve in Congress.  

The Liberal you deserve in Congress

 We've been through some tough times, and need to work together to become prosperous.

Healthcare: Americans need to be confident that quality healthcare is available to them.  I want to ensure the integrity of the Affordable Care Act so millions of Americans keep their insurance.

Honoring our Veterans: America's veterans selflessly put our nation's freedom above their own comfort, and they deserve our respect and support.  Expanding veteran's healthcare and emphasizing the importance of veterans' mental health, providing support services for veterans to more easily access vital services and working to end the cycle of homelessness among our veterans across the country are just a sampling of the changes I want to make for Veterans.

Take Action

To send a contribution, please mail a check or money order to:

Alcon for America

P.O. Box 2134, Milan New Mexico 87021

To schedule a meeting or volunteer , please call David at  505-227-4767

For all media opportunities please email davealcon@gmail.com


David Alcon for Congress Distrct 2