Bullet Train: Anthony, NM to Los Lunas, NM

Anthony to Los Lunas- Less than two hours

The concept of the bullet train is simple: make travelling our great state a viable commuting option, travelling the 226 miles from Los Lunas to Anthony in less time than most vehicle travellers spend commuting to work.

Connecting Communities

The long-term goal of the bullet train is to bring the towns and communities dotting the southern expanse of the state together, making travel safer and faster.  Stops in Socorro, Hatch and other small communities along the route open up doors to work , tourism, education and economic opportunities to these towns.

Support Spaceport America

Providing reliable, safe and speedy transportation will help boost the tourism and educational visits to the innovative Spaceport America.  The determination to make Spaceport America a viable travel destination necessitates support from our state to extend a bullet train route that includes a stop at Spaceport America.

Economic Opportunities

Bringing a bullet train system to New Mexico is no easy task.  A project of this magnitude would generate thousands of long-term and permanent jobs for New Mexicans.  Companies will jump at the chance to be part of this groundbreaking endeavor, eliminating our need to provide tax breaks or other incentives that cost New Mexico money.  Tourism revenue and consistent commuter revenue will help ensure the continued success of the bullet train.

Making the Most of What We Have

Developing the bullet train to start/stop in Los Lunas gives riders access to board the existing Rail Runner commuter train to get them to Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  

Take Action

David Alcon for Congress, District 2 

Take Action

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