End Federal Ban on Marijuana

New Mexico Must Move to Legalize and Tax Marijuana

The U.S. government's "war" on marijuana has proven ineffective, costly and dangerous.  It has resulted in strengthening dangerous drug cartels, inflating the populations of prisons and jails with otherwise non-violent and lawful citizens who broke a law that desperately needs to be changed.

One Billion Dollars a Year in State Revenue

New Mexico's neighbor to the north was the first state to reap the economic benefits of the full legalization and local taxation of marijuana.  Since Colorado legalized the sale of recreational marijuana statewide, it has collected nearly one billion dollars in state revenue.  And that is without the support or taxation from the federal government.

By ending the federal ban on marijuana, the federal government would not only be able to regulate the cultivation, production and distribution of marijuana just like alcohol, but it would establish clear taxable revenue from growers, distributors, banks, the list goes on and on.

Local Banks Will Thrive

Currently marijuana dispensaries are not allowed to hold bank accounts because of FDIC rules,  ending a federal ban of marijuana would allow banks to hold billions of dollars stimulated through legal marijuana transactions. 

Pay for a NFL/MLS Stadium and a Bullet Train in Three Years

If New Mexico were to legalize and tax the sale of marijuana the state could spend two billion dollars on a state owned state of the art stadium and a billion dollars on a  modern bullet train. Likely paying off the two infrastructure expenses in three years. 

Safer, More Secure Borders-No Wall Necessary.

Legalization of marijuana allows regulation and oversight of producers and distributors.  Ready access to quality, safe products will decimate the drug cartels hold on America.

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