Healthcare for Americans

Healthcare at Risk

It is disheartening for so many who saw the passing of the Affordable Care Act, a carefully constructed and thoughtful piece of legislation, as a way for all citizens the opportunity to obtain vitally important healthcare threatened by malicious political ploys and partisan back-pedaling.

Healthcare Hope

Democrats need to regain control of Congress and remind all members of the Legislative Branch of the time, testimonials, amendments, debate and scrutiny the Affordable Care Act was subjected to prior to approval.

Work in Progress

Healthcare for all Americans is continuous process.  Collaboration with medical professionals, citizens and our lawmakers is the only way to guarantee longterm success. 

People need affordable access to their medication, we will no longer be forced to choose between life and death because of an absurdly overpriced medication.  Pharmaceutical companies need to be reminded the real reason they are in business, to help the sick.


New standards and oversight need to be put in place to keep insurance companies from denying people unnecessarily, or overcharging them for substandard coverage.

Strengthen Medicaid and Medicare

Two of our nation's most important programs, Medicaid and Medicare, are in desperate need of overhauls.  We need to strengthen these programs that so many citizens rely on for coverage.  

Our seniors spent much of their lives working hard to provide for their families and contribute to America, they should not be forced to pay expensive bills out-of-pocket or buy costly additional medical coverage when they paid into Medicare every payday.  Medicare benefits need to be rectified to accurately reflect the changing economy and provide the same level of coverage private insurance companies offer.

Medicaid continues to be used by a large percentage of our population, and until we are able to mend the American economy to  a point where companies can afford to offer their employees insurance options again, Medicaid needs to remain solvent.  Medicaid fraud, constantly changing regulations and confusing processes are a waste of taxpayer money and time.  

Applying for Medicaid and Medicare should be simple, ensuring those who are applying meet the criteria should be simple, and using Medicaid and Medicare should be simple.

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