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September 6, 2017

September 4, 2017

David Alcon for Congress

508 Valencia Ave Milan, NM 87021


September 4, 2017

Alcon runs for United States Congress 

Democrat, Activist and Political Consultant David Alcon announces his candidacy for Congress; New Mexico, District 2

For Immediate Release

Milan, NM — David Alcon, lifelong New Mexican, and champion for New Mexico and it’s people, launched his anticipated campaign for New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District today, according to the Alcon campaign.

“I have spent my career working with our government with the best interests of New Mexico at heart,” Alcon said.  “Congress needs a change. The next Congress must take our country back from Donald Trump and his Republican cronies.  I intend to be the ripple that takes back Congress for the Democratic Party.” 

David Alcon understands more than anyone the struggles that New Mexicans deal with daily, “I am not perfect.  I have been in trouble with the law before.  I have learned from that difficult time in my life and it has helped shape me. I have become more aware of mental health issues and I am better able to manage my own issues,” he said. 

“The next Congress must focus on bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula, recovering our Veterans hospitals, and working to ensure the Affordable Care Act is not repealed.” David Alcon believes he is the liberal you deserve in Congress. 

David Alcon knows we need to seek out new and innovative businesses and ideas that will generate wealth for New Mexico and jobs for New Mexicans. 

David Alcon’s father is New Mexico State Representative Eliseo Alcon.  David has successfully managed his father’s campaigns for over a decade, and launched the sole primary campaign to claim a “decisive victory against a controversial super-PAC whose efforts derailed various Democratic political campaigns across the state,” according to an article by political blogger Joe Monahan. 


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David Alcon for Congress,  District 2

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