Support our Veterans

Our Veterans deserve exceptional support

Honoring our Veterans: America's veterans selflessly put our nation's freedom above their own comfort, and they deserve our respect and support.  Expanding veteran's healthcare and emphasizing the importance of veterans' mental health, providing support services for veterans to more easily access vital services and working to end the cycle of homelessness among our veterans across the country are just a sampling of the changes I want to make for Veterans.

Repair and Expand Veteran's Healthcare

Healthcare for veterans can best be described as a confusing, lacking and frustrating system.  Those who risked their lives to protect our country deserve a healthcare system they can rely on to provide state-of-the-art care and treatment with none of the delay and confusion that veterans currently experience with their existing healthcare system.

Focus on Veterans' Mental Health

Countless scientific research attests to the mental toll serving in the military takes on soldiers.  Our healthcare system needs to be expanded to put more emphasis on continued support and care for all service members experiencing mental health issues of all degrees, and not just during an emergency or dangerous episode, but in an ongoing aftercare capacity.  Our veterans need to have access to counseling, therapists, medication and services to help with housing, caregiving and employment.

Bring our Homeless Vets Home

Homeless veterans should not be an issue in the 21st century.  Our country has failed to support these brave soldiers, and as a result, our veterans have found themselves suffering on the streets.  Counseling, housing, and employment services need to work together with bases to provide support for current soldiers coming back from duty.  A special committee of these services will be assigned to specifically address existing homeless veterans, and work to get them off the streets and help them to thrive in the country they worked so hard to protect. 

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